Jun 18 • 1HR 0M

Why Pay Attention to the January 6 Hearings?

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A podcast on faith and its intersection with politics, culture, and law.
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Some folks are fascinated by the unfolding narrative of the January 6 hearings, but many are simply tuning out, feeling it is just more politics. This week David and Curtis help us think through why we should be paying attention to these hearings. They explore some of the underlying stories around the key players involved and how those stories not only impact how we think of these people, but perhaps even how we think of ourselves.

Show Notes:

-Megan N. Fontenot - Exploring the People of Middle-earth: Boromir the Brave

-Brooke Singman (Fox News) - Barr says parents taught him 'not to care what other people think' growing up, calls faith 'indispensable'

-Rivka Maizlish - Alasdair MacIntyre on Narrative, History, and the Unity of a Life

-Hannah Natanson and Moriah Balingit (Washington Post) - Caught in the culture wars, teachers are being forced from their jobs

-Ryan Grim (The Intercept) - Meltdowns Have Brought Progressive Advocacy Groups to a Standstill at a Critical Moment in World History

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