Jun 4

Gun Violence, Gun Rights & Gun Idolatry

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A podcast on faith and its intersection with politics, culture, and law.
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This week David and Curtis tackle the tough subject of gun violence. They look at the various tensions between gun rights and gun control and the hyper-polarized responses we are apt to have on one side or the other. They also help us take a step back to think through the “how” of approaching such a complex issue versus just the “what” of our preferred policy outcome.

Show Notes:

-Rand Corporation - Gun Policy in America

-Rand Corporation - How Gun Policies Affect Mass Shootings

-Malcolm Gladwell (New Yorker) - Thresholds of Violence: How school shootings catch on

-French Press - Pass and Enforce Red Flag Laws. Now.

-David French (The Atlantic) - What Critics Don’t Understand About Gun Culture

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